About The Game

Grey Dream is a simple spaceship adventure game in which you get given quests to find planets within a certain criteria. (E.g. Find a planet that begins with the letter 'B', or find a blue planet.) You could race your friends, time yourself, or just play until you drop!. It has a randomly generated spaceship, different every time. This brings a real variety to the the game each time you play, making it be playable over and over and over.

Grey Dream was coded in Java, and was coded as a project for 'YRS Festival of code'. Over the course of the 4 days we have learnt insane amounts of Java, html and css. Having barely coded in any of those languages before the event, we were surprised at our progress!

How to play

Rules and The Aim

The aim of the game is to complete the quests in the top left hand corner. Once you have flown over the position requested, you will be given a new quest! Why are you completing these quests you ask? Well, we don't know either!